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Welcome to FOUND3R!

FOUND3R is a nonpartisan coalition of entrepreneurs, builders & innovators working together to accelerate the responsible adoption of Web3, decentralization and blockchain technology


Our mission is to demystify Web3 and blockchain technology to strengthen the American innovation ecosystem.

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What We Do

Build Relationships
  • FOUND3R galvanizes the most trusted voices of Web3 to create safe spaces for stakeholders across all sectors to convene, learn, and promote responsible advancement of blockchain technology. Together, we aim to stabilize the emerging marketplace for all stakeholders.
  • We bring together decision-makers, industry practitioners and blockchain builders for storytelling events and educational trainings to reshape the Web3 narrative in DC and beyond.

Why We Care

Lack of voices fighting for the cause combined with toxic negativity, lack of common understanding, and the industry's disjointed messaging has resulted in regulatory uncertainty domestically and diminished American economic competitiveness internationally.
We want to create a world we can thrive in


We imagine a secure and accessible decentralized internet where America leads the global race for innovation.

How We Do It

  • Positive Use Cases Repeatedly
FOUND3R aims to be the voice of trustworthy leaders in the Web3 community by sharing their stories, which come from all walks of life, to bridge understanding with all stakeholder groups.
  • Culture of Learning
We level the technical playing-field by creating free, safe and nonjudgmental learning experiences for stakeholders in America's innovation hubs to learn about Web3 and rapidly emerging technologies.
  • Connecting Innovators and Decision-makers
FOUND3R builds trust across sectors and industries to inspire collaboration, keep America safe and competitive, and future-proof regulatory frameworks.


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