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We created FOUND3R for our members

Who are our Members

Web3 entrepreneurs, builders, innovators, allies who support the responsible adoption of Web3 technology, and all those creating a safe space for every stakeholder to speak and learn!

Member Benefits

Access to events

Digital and in person event opportunities geared towards shifting the narrative around blockchain and web3
Share your story with branding, speaking and promotion opportunities
Personal or company branding, speaking, and content engagement opportunities leveraging our events, podcasts, Twitter/X, LinkedIn live and FOUND3R Network
Receive guidance, education, and support
FOUND3R will provide written reports, expert speakers, and services geared to support you including recruiting, technology/product credits, accounting & legal support and more!
Grow your network
We will proactively provide opportunities to intentionally network with other FOUND3Rs, as well as providing spaces to organically meet and build your network
Make an impact
Improve the narrative, education, and understanding of what Web3 is really enabling

FOUND3R Core and Members!

David All CEO Washington, DC📍 LinkedIn Profile
Kelsey Driscoll CTO Austin, TX 📍 LinkedIn Profile
Mark Caraway Operations/Membership Houston, TX 📍 LinkedIn Profile
Jonathan Nevarez Content & Creation Phoenix, AZ 📍 LinkedIn Profile
Thais Portilho Media & Markets England, UK 📍 LinkedIn Profile